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03 October 2020

Behçet's Disease Awareness Day Special Techno Set

Odey the DJ
Today, May 20th, you can't miss the event we are organizing in Mixcloud in favor of all those who suffer from Behçet's disease and their families. We want to offer you greater visibility, so that this disease, which is completely unnoticed despite being widespread throughout the world, is known. We also want to raise awareness among governments and laboratories in order to find an effective treatment that will allow us to abandon the current palliative treatments, which are too strong for the organism and generate collateral difficulties. Each one of the more than 30 DJ's that participate, will publish a set of different styles of electronic music, but at the same time, we will shout together the same slogan, we will be the same voice. We count on you, you can't miss it! Remember: find us in Mixcloud!