13 #NurtureYourZest #100 Conversations Tumi Sotire and your host Ashleigh King

13 #NurtureYourZest #100 Conversations Tumi Sotire and your host Ashleigh King

Ashleigh King Flamingo Heights

About this episode

Tumi Sotire is a researcher in Health Economics, at Newcastle University.

Diagnosed at the age of four years old with Dyspraxia, Tumi is a Neurodiversity advocate, raising awareness of the intersectionality between race and neurodiversity.

Tumi's research includes an interest in how to leverage the global resources and capacity of the African diaspora to further improve the health outcomes and health systems on the African continent.

This is a special episode in recognition of #BlackLivesMatter and recognising artists, researchers and creators of colour.

Please note this livestream was recorded from home during #COVID19 #Lockdown and as a result there may at times be poor internet, sound or video quality.

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