12 #NurtureYourZest #100 Conversations with Salha Kaitesi and Ashleigh King

12 #NurtureYourZest #100 Conversations with Salha Kaitesi and Ashleigh King

Ashleigh King Flamingo Heights

About this episode

In this special #NurtureYourZest #100Conversations episode, Ashleigh speaks to Salha Kaitesi, British-Rwandan Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Champion.

Salha is the founder of:
๐Ÿ’ป Beauty of Rwanda - a social enterprise set up to economically empower women and girls in Rwanda.
๐Ÿ’ป Teakisi - a digital platform creating a space for African women to empower, celebrate each other & unite through their stories. The overall aim of Teakisi is to show the world that the African woman is multi-faceted, multi-talented and multi-cultural. Ultimately, Kaitesiโ€™s mission through the blog is to change the narrative about the African woman.

This is a special episode in recognition of #BlackLivesMatter and recognising artists and creators of colour.

Please note this livestream was recorded from home during #COVID19 #Lockdown and as a result there may at times be poor internet, sound or video quality.

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