What If... Miles Morales Became? Part 1

What If... Miles Morales Became? Part 1

Nuff Said

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Hello True Believers and welcome back to Nuff Said, the podcast about all things Marvel! Today we are doing a new series that came out in March 2022. This new series has Miles Morales, the kid you know as Spider-Man, becoming different super heroes in different realities.  There is going to be 5 episodes, 2 of which we are covering today. We are talking about 1 and 2, Miles becoming Captain America and Wolverine. We here at Nuff Said are excited for this series and especially the finale! Stay to the end to hear our conversation about the new series Moon Knight. If you don't know who Miles is, go check out our episode on him. If you have any questions, email us at podcastnuffsaid@gmail.com. 


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