Solo Steve - Paranormal Investigations with Phil Ianazzo

Solo Steve - Paranormal Investigations with Phil Ianazzo

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Ever wonder what happens when the body dies? Or why some spirits seem to linger in certain places? On today's show, we step into the shoes of Phil Ianazzo, founder of the Merrimack Valley  Paranormal Society. Growing up in Wakefield, Massachusetts, with a cemetery in his backyard, Phil's childhood was anything but ordinary. We explore how this unique upbringing shaped Phil's curiosity for the paranormal and delve into his first chilling encounter with the spiritual realm.

Phil leads us on an intriguing journey, one filled with EVPs, Ouija boards, and pendulums, sharing his ghost hunting techniques and the significance of using them correctly. We follow him on his most memorable trips to the East State Penitentiary, the Tenney Gate House, and Gettysburg, and shed light on the incredible history of the Jenny Wade House. Phil's captivating stories not only draw you in but provide an entirely new perspective on understanding the world beyond our own.

Brace yourselves for an eye-opening conversation on the difference between physical and mental visions, the impact of energy on paranormal activity, and the subtle nuances of dealing with hauntings. Phil's experiences remind us of the importance of intuition and trusting our gut instincts. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, the compelling tales from Phil's paranormal investigations are sure to ignite a spark of curiosity and leave you with a newfound understanding of the energies that inhabit our world. So, sit back, relax, and join us in this riveting conversation with Phil Ianazzo.

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