(Not So) Deep Shit on The UAP Disclosure Act of 2023

(Not So) Deep Shit on The UAP Disclosure Act of 2023

Chris and Steve

About this episode

Are the powers that be hiding the truth about UFO sightings? And why, with ALL the recent developments on the UFO front, does it seem like few in the media or public seem to care?

Chris and Steve are peeling back the layers of obscurity in mainstream media and interrogating the silence around this phenomenon. Is it public disinterest or a deliberate information blockade?

Prepare to have your thoughts on hierarchy upended as Chris and Steve explore the plausible existence of non-human intelligence. Undeniably, this could dethrone us from our lofty pedestal at the top of the species pyramid. Does mankind's destructive power makes us superior or just deadly. To add an exciting twist, we'll play with the idea that humanity might be extraterrestrial in origin. That's some pretty deep shit, right there!

At the threshold of a congressional hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena, Chris and Steve contemplate what a groundbreaking revelation could mean. They discuss how the Pentagon's intimidation tactics against potential witnesses could reshape the narrative, and the implications of a recognized 'higher power' on military industrial complexes. 

So get ready for an insightful journey into the intriguing world of UFOs and non-human intelligence. The truth is out there, and (Not So) Deep Shit with Chris and Steve is hell-bent on finding it.

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