(Not So) Deep Sh*t on the Evolution of Education, Economics, and Everything

(Not So) Deep Sh*t on the Evolution of Education, Economics, and Everything

Chris and Steve

About this episode

It's been a bit of a brief hiatus, but Chris and Steve are BACK!

And after such a break, we had a lot to talk about and we cover a lot of ground.

What if the relentless pursuit of higher education isn't the only pathway to success? We splash into the deep end of that pool, reminiscing about our own college experiences and how the landscape of learning has drastically shifted since. 

Chris and Steve peel back the layers on the evolving economic paradigm, and we're thrown deep into the realm of question marks. Why is the gap between the CEO's earnings and the average worker's wage widening? How can the lowest paid employees not afford their company's health insurance, and where does the government fit into this jigsaw puzzle? 

The story doesn't end there. We venture into the world of streaming service economics, wrestling with the dynamics of subscriber numbers, new content investment, and the ominous shadow of investor influence. The narrative then takes an unexpected turn, with a spotlight on McDonald's cost-cutting measures, the quality of their products, and the impact on their workers. It's a rollercoaster ride, punctuated with personal anecdotes - such as the secret wedding of Chris, and the intricacies of defining age groups. 

Buckle up and join us for an enlightening adventure into the unknown!

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