Icy Has Guests Ep1: With Josh Bachynski

Icy Has Guests Ep1: With Josh Bachynski

Spandan "Don Icy" Saha

About this episode

In this episode, Icy has a special guest, Josh Bachynski who is well versed in philosophy, psychology, and politics. He is a Ph.D. (ABD) in the aforementioned topics. This is the first episode with Josh.
In this episode, Icy and Josh have a casual conversation about philosophy, science, politics, and controversial topics like liberalism, fascism, and problems of the Western politcs. The entire conversation, especially Josh's parts, are deep and enlightening.
P.S.: I have made the following mistakes
1. The painter of black paintings is Francisco Goya, instead of Francis Goya.
2. The term objectivity should be used instead of objectivism.


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