#nfp Podcast, presented by 3D Entertainment

#nfp Podcast, presented by 3D Entertainment


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In the modern world there are those that follow, and those that blaze their own path, and we at 3D Entertainment find the road less traveled the most exciting, exhilarating one you can take. In a brand new endeavor, #nfp Podcast, presented by 3D Entertainment, join Professional Athlete Tanner Byrne, alongside co-host Professional Sports Agent Jason Davidson, for a weekly conversation where you’ll get to meet some of the world’s most captivating individuals who embody this mantra. Spanning a variety of professions, you’ll hear from individuals of all walks of life who march to the beat of their own drum and compete on the no resume tour through life. With host Byrne guiding the weekly chat, nothing will be off limits, nothing will be held back, and no topic will be left untouched.




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