With Andy Cahan Revisited

With Andy Cahan Revisited

Neil Clark

About this episode

If you are a rock music fan, you are undoubtedly familiar with such major artists as Harry Nilsson, Little Richard, The Turtles, Ringo Starr, Jimmy Webb, Seals and Crofts, Frank Zappa, Dr. John, Chuck Berry, Kinky Friedman, Lou Reed, Eric Carmen and Jimi Hendrix.

What you probably don’t know is that all of them, at one point in their career, crossed paths with a musician named Andy Cahan, either musically or in other ways. And those names just scratch the surface! For more than five decades, the New York-born Cahan has served as one of the most

in-demand collaborators in the music business, for both studio sessions and live performance work.

Andy Cahan is truly The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Heard Of!

You will hear why was Chubby Checker, of “The Twist” fame, chasing Andy around a hotel lobby and which soft-rock duo took Andy’s advice to change their name, leading to great success?

Andy Cahan’s website: http://www.allentertainment.net/index.html

A fabulous musician who is more famous than you realise and an absolute gentleman and funny man during interview. You're gonna love this!

Last year Andy Cahan came on to the show to share his story with us. He loved it so much!! he wanted to come back onto the show to share more of his life with us including why Superman was his favourite super hero and what happened when he leapt off a stairway landing shouting "I can fly!!". He also shares a song that he wrote when his girlfriend finished with him and the reply his girlfriend left on his answer phone.

This is one multi faceted artist you cannot get enough of. 

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and the music.