Ep 70: Piqued Jacks

Ep 70: Piqued Jacks

Neil Clark

About this episode

Your favourite Tuscan boys are back on the scene with a new gritty dance-rock gem about being too busy to let the Grim Reaper get ‘em.
Now, we all know what a challenge this has been for the past 2 years. However, Piqued Jacks are up for it.
Everything South is the band’s latest release and soon-to-be hit. The song opens a fresh new chapter of Piqued Jacks’ music which, after the international success of their 3rd LP Synchronizer in 2021, is ready to take over 2022. 
The song is as “in your face” as we possibly could without actually punching you (which we neither advocate for, nor encourage, of course). 
Built around a fat, explosive guitar riff and with a tightgripping beat, it represents the band’s revenge against misfortune and difficulties that life often throws at you. 
This punchy hard rock track with a disco feel urges you, through its jaunty, sardonic lyrics and attitude, not to take death too seriously and, if it comes close, just beat it or dance with it. 
At the end of the day, you’ve got places to be.

Explicit permission has been given by the artists, label and management to play the songs and interview