Ep 68: Freya Wolf

Ep 68: Freya Wolf

Neil Clark

About this episode

What a treat to have Freya Wolf on the show plus every song from her new album called "Just Another Day"  was an exclusive to New Starz Show thanks Freya and Ross Hemsworth of Remote Highway. The album will be released April 29th 2022.

Freya was born in Aberdare in South Wales in 1978 She lived in Aberdare, Swansea, Carmarthenshire raised alongside The Stereophonics and like so many Welsh people, was born with an amazing voice! She moved to Street in 2008 before travelling the UK for two years, with stays in London, Scotland, North and South Wales, Cornwall, Devon, before finally settling in Somerset. 

As a classical pianist she was inspired early on by Nina Simone and Beverly Craven. She then found a love for female soul singers. She says “I have varied tastes from rock to reggae, classical piano to drum and bass. However, my all-time favourite soul tracks are RESPECT by Aretha Franklin and My Baby Just Cares for Me by Nina Simone. My favourite track from other genres is Brighter Days by Hybrid Minds ft Charlotte Haining.” 

Freya writes and co-writes her own material including her first two singles This Man is Mine” and “Meet Me at 8” both of which she co-wrote with U.S. Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member Ross Hemsworth. 

The single Red Roses (Are Never Enough) also co-written with Ross, attracted the interest of world-famous guitarist Marc Ribler who provided the solo and outro guitar work on the rack.

FOUR of the tracks from the album, have already been picked up by two U.S. music publishing companies who specialise in placing music into films and TV series’ through pitches on Broadjam! 

Freya’s first three singles have had considerable global airplay but we believe the forthcoming single I CAME HERE TO DANCE could see her rocket into the public eye with yet more radio and media interviews planned and even senior management of online platforms such as TikTok are now showing a big interest in Freya!

**Explicit Permission has been given by the artist and Remote Highway to play the songs and the interview **


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