Ep 65: Henry Richards of Nova Bloom

Ep 65: Henry Richards of Nova Bloom

Neil Clark

About this episode

A young group Hailing from Wolverhampton UK, Indie Rock trio Nova Bloom have hit the ground running with their first two singles ‘Heavy Hitter’ and ‘City Lights’. With signature anthemic choruses, dynamic instrumentation and a heavy hitting blend of classic Rock and Indie Pop, the band have cemented themselves as ‘one to be watched’ in the UK Indie scene.

A young budding down to earth group who is pushing boundaries and not sitting in one genre. Their passion is on fire and they're out to make it big and above all to entertain you.

There are more new songs to come and I'm so delighted they chose New Starz Show to play their songs.

**Explicit permission has been given for the inte interview and their songs to be played**


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