Ep 64: Dirty Magic

Ep 64: Dirty Magic

Neil Clark

About this episode

Dirty Magic is an edgy rock band that has built themselves on the diverse musical pallet of their equally diverse membership. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the band quickly gained rank in the local scene headlining all of the notable venues in less than a year. Through the troubling times of the pandemic, the band channeled their musical energy into crafting new music, recording new singles, and is walking the long path towards finding their own unique sound. Dirty Magic boasts grooving bass and drums that lay the foundation for soulful and powerful vocals. Melodic rock guitars and horns round out the sound to something that is instantly recognizable.

A bunch of likely lads that are having fun making foot tapping and addictive songs with passion and meaning. 

It was great fun talking to these guys and I'm sure you're going to love it as much as me.

**Explicit Permission has been granted by the artists to play their songs and interview**


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