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25 August 2021

Prakash Raj got married again

Nam Nam

Prakash Raj celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary with wife Pony Verma on August 24. Their son Vedhant wanted to see his parents get married in front of him and the couple obliged. On their 11th anniversary, Prakash Raj and Pony Verma got married once again. This time, it was quite different as it was in the presence of his children. His kids, Meghana and Pooja, from his first marriage, were also present.

Prakash Raj is currently shooting for Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. On August 24, he celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary with his wife Pony Verma. As per their son Vedhant's wish, the duo got married again!

Taking to Twitter, Prakash Raj wrote that he married his wife Pony Verma again. Their son Vedhant wanted to witness his parents' wedding and expressed the same. The couple fulfilled his dream as they exchanged rings and kisses in front of their children.

Sharing the photos, Prakash Raj wrote, "We got married again tonight..because our son #vedhant wanted to witness it. Family moments #bliss (sic)." The actor got down on one knee and exchanged rings with Pony. He can also be seen kissing her after exchanging the rings.

25 August 2021

Michael Parkinson: Social media has made it tougher to host chat shows.

Nam Nam

Michael Parkinson: Social media has made it tougher to host chat shows.

TV icon Sir Michael Parkinson believes it is tougher to host a chat show these days, because viewers know so much about the stars being interviewed due to the rise of social media.

Sir Michael Parkinson isn't sure what he would ask his celebrity chat show guests nowadays, because people know so much about stars due to social media.

The 86-year-old TV icon interviewed numerous stars on his talk show 'Parkinson' over three runs from 1971 to 2007, but he believes it would be "more difficult" to front such a programme these days because there is so much information around about celebrities.

He said: "My job would be very different [now].

"There's social media, so I don't know what you would do, what the questions would be.

"People know anything there is to know about everybody else, and what they didn't want to know as well.

"So, it is a more difficult time now.

"I had the best of it, in terms of the guests I could choose from, the older ones and the newer ones, and also the kind of television that was being shown in those days.

"It was bliss."

The TV presenter still counts Sir Billy Connolly as one of his favourite guests, and he praised the comedian as "a natural funny man".

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he added: "Billy is a genius. He is the funniest man I ever met.

"He's a natural funny man, and an intelligent man.

"I tried very hard to get it out of him about the abuse he'd had as a child.

"In the end he wrote a book about it.

"There was a mystery about Billy, which I could only sense and then grew to understand.

"It made him even more interesting as a human being.

"He is a fascinating man.

"I've interviewed some wonderful comedians, some of the best, and he was the best by far."