31.14 - MU Podcast - Psychic Pre-Crime

31.14 - MU Podcast - Psychic Pre-Crime

8th Kind

About this episode

Psychic phenomena permeates many aspects of our lives; however, for some reason, it is especially apparent in crime. Whether it's heightened emotions or human energy fueling tense events coupled with violence and revenge, the strange and unexplained is never far from these occurrences. We discuss some of these unusual happenings in the context of crimes being solved from beyond the grave, dowsing for missing persons, using psychometry to find money, and much more.
Then, for our Plus+ Members, we explore the extraordinary and contentious theory that the stones comprising the Pyramids and other ancient sites are actually an artificial polymer, nearly indistinguishable from natural rock, crafted through the utilization of a lost technology only recently discovered by modern science.

Psychic Detectives: Using the Power of the Mind to Solve True Crimes

Casebook of a Psychic Detective

Watercolours of a history waiting to happen

Michael Bentine Books

Psychic Criminology: A Guide for Using Psychics in Investigations

Nella Jones Psychic

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The Natron Theory

Aswan Quarry and the Unfinished Obelisk Scoop Marks

Why the Pharaohs Built the Pyramids with Fake Stones

Finishing the unfinished obelisk Aswan Quarry

Joseph Davidovits

Mysterious stones of megalithic Japan



Geopolymer formula

16 million trees

They came from America to build Easter Island

DIY Geopolymer Stone Casting Kit

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