31.05 - MU Podcast - Clayliens

31.05 - MU Podcast - Clayliens

8th Kind

About this episode

Delving into the archives of an old magazine reveals a plethora of strange paranormal phenomena. On this episode, we unearth reports detailing Kirlian aura drainers, vampiric possessions, paranormal photography, and encounters with plastic bag humanoids. Additionally, we explore tales of bargain properties haunted by recurring events of the past, prompting reflection on the importance of caution when encountering high strangeness.
For our Plus+ members, we wrap up the bizarre saga of an alleged Italian psyop and venture into a tale of madness. We hear the extraordinary account of a woman drawn into a vortex involving criminals, secret government agencies, and buttocks Morse code receivers.

Beyond Reality Magazine

Beyond Reality

Close Encounters of the Shadowy Type: Beware of These Supernatural Creatures

Filiberto Caponi Close Encounter 1993

Filiberto Caponi's Humanoid

IL CASO CAPONI - Filiberto Caponi - Interviste 2001-2011

Filiberto Caponi Encounter

Forensic Investigators Le Anh Tuan Kidnapping

Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist

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Paoloferraro Wordpress

The Magistrate and the Behemoth

The Magistrate and the Behemoth: Part 2

Run, Hide, Repeat: A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood

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