Episode 10: Erasmus+ Short-term mobility

Episode 10: Erasmus+ Short-term mobility

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About this episode

We are thrilled to present you with our 10th episode! 😍

This one is especially important for young people who would like to take part in short-term volunteer opportunities

Would you like to be a volunteer and to attribute to a cause that you care about? Would you like to get more knowledge and understanding on topics related to environmental protection, communication skills, video/photo editing, theatre, and much more?

Then listen up! We have something just for you

In this episode, we talk about short-term Erasmus+ mobility programs for up to 21 days. During these exchanges, you have the opportunity to meet other young people from 18 to 30 years old and get a deep dive into a specific subject depending on the topic of the program. You get to make new friends, practice your language skills, and travel for free!

Our guest today is Arisa. Originally from Thailand, Arisa made her way to Spain in 2019 and now she is working as an Erasmus+ short-term coordinator

Learn what Arisa has to tell you about the program and how you can participate, too!

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