Rendezvous in Capistrano (PODCAST EXCLUSIVE EPISODE)

Rendezvous in Capistrano (PODCAST EXCLUSIVE EPISODE)


About this episode

One night in November 1999, a deputy was driving along a remote mountain road in Southern California when he spotted a car pulled off to the side of the road. The car’s engine was still on, and the passenger side door was open, but there didn't appear to be anyone inside the car. Now this was a very remote road, so the deputy assumed that the driver must be having some sort of car trouble, otherwise, why stop here? So the deputy pulled over his cruiser and began walking over to the car to see if they needed help. But before he reached the car, the deputy noticed something dangling out of the passenger side door. He reflexively put his hand on his holster and walked the last few feet up to the car. And when he finally could see into the car, he just froze. It looked like a set from a horror movie. Except this was not fake.

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