Morning Coffee With Kevin

Morning Coffee With Kevin

Kevin Peterson/Manila Dawn Broadcasting

About this podcast

Thanks for stopping by our podcast a little background on myself I began my journey in the music industry in 1978 while I was in junior high school volunteering in the music department . by the time I went into high school in 1980 I had established myself as a local sound engineer mostly doing live sound for local bands. by this time I had also formed my first record label and recording studio. my career in the industry has been very successful and I have been blessed to have worked and meet the people I have over the years . I became semi retired from the music industry in 2019 becoming restless within just a few months I formed a film production company . so much for retirement between making films and running both the recording studio and record label along with the film production company I have more work now then ever . when Covid-19 hit and everything came to a complete stop and the world became quarantined I had to find a way to keep busy this is were the podcast comes in knowing nothing about podcasting I entered into this hoping to make this work . my first thoughts was to create the podcast to keep artist and co workers informed of what was going on in our world of music and film and to tell you the truth this is my third podcast as the first two failed I have learned a lot from the first two and I look forward to the new podcast being successful with your help I look forward to the listeners input and welcome your emails thanks for taking the time to read this biography I hope you enjoy the podcast Kevin. Contact us at or find us on




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