Elon Wins $46B Pay Package & Why Disney Needs 'Inside Out 2’ Not to Flop

Elon Wins $46B Pay Package & Why Disney Needs 'Inside Out 2’ Not to Flop

Morning Brew

About this episode

Episode 344: Neal and Toby chat about Elon Musk finally getting the votes from Tesla shareholders for his $46B pay package and moving the company to Texas. Then, two big Supreme Court decisions that could shape the future of unions and abortion medication. Also, ‘Inside Out 2’ comes out and Disney Pixar is hoping this sequel will return its animation mojo after a string of duds. Plus, Apple is this week’s stock of the week while Nathan’s Hot Dogs is the dog of the week. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo fires employees after suspecting they’re pretending to be at work with the help of a clever mouse device. Lastly, the Euro 2024 football tournament returns brings excitement across Europe while the host country, Germany, is making sure everybody plays nice. 

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00:00 - Father’s day
2:00 - Elon Musk wins $46B pay package
6:00 - Supreme Court big decisions
10:15 - Disney needs his mojo back
14:00 - Stock of the week: Apple
17:45 - Dog of the week: Nathan’s
20:30 - Jigglers caught
24:00 - Euro 2024 kicks off

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