Mary Jane Houge

About this podcast

When we meditate, we quiet the external and internal chatter that keep us in our conscious thinking brain. When our mind is continuously thinking it uses an enormous amount of energy. It also tends to “run-away” with our thoughts. It can even take our entire being captive. There are many forms of meditation to help you be in control of your thoughts. Any time we focus on our breath it automatically turns off our thinking mind. When we play a musical instrument, we stop thinking about our issues. When we commune in nature we begin to focus on its beauty and leave the think tank behind. Meditation is about bringing your body into the vibration of love and gratitude. When we feel love and gratitude our body becomes calm, serene and at peace. Once we are in this state, we may have an experience with our life force and creator. Our existence can change from mere survival to a state of awe. Let’s explore this world of awe together.



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