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#MAYFAIRWORLD is a podcast unlike any other capturing the unfiltered stories of today’s social disruptors, cultural shapers and people who defy the norm. Brought to you by The Mayfair Group, CEO Sam Abrahart is continuing her search for authenticity and human connection through hosting raw and gritty conversations that highlight what it means to be a human navigating the world today.

Through her own battle with depression and her struggle to find meaning in life, Sam wanted to create a company that provided the uplifting messaging she searched for everyday. The Mayfair Group is a brand built on spreading positivity through empowering narratives and purposeful content. #MAYFAIRWORLD is a new medium created to reach and connect deeper with the digital community Mayfair has cultivated.

The raw conversations you will hear are intended to highlight the resiliency our guests have shown through some of their most vulnerable and difficult experiences. Our intent is to inspire connectivity and remind one another that we are not alone. This podcast brings new perspectives to the beautiful essence of just being human. In order to have a meaningful life, you have to create it. Get ready to go deep. Welcome to #MayfairWorld, we’re glad you’re here.



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