Poetry FOMO

Poetry FOMO

wereaddeadpeople@penguinrandomhouse.com (Marlon James, Jake Morrissey)

About this episode

This episode, Marlon and Jake discuss a new subject for the podcast: poetry! From epic poems to sonnets to the Romantics poets to contemporary (dead) poets. They ponder over why people don’t read poetry as much as prose and recite, on the spot, lines of poetry that are forever engrained in their memories.

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    The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey ChaucerThe Faerie Queene by Edmund SpenserWar Music by Christopher LogueThe Gift Outright by Robert FrostEmily DickinsonW.H. AudenT.S. EliotSamuel Taylor ColeridgeWilliam WordsworthRupert BrookeJohn DunnThe Spanish Needle by Claude McKayThe Iliad by HomerThe Aeneid by VirgilOmeros by Derek WalcottThe Arrivants by Kamau BrathwaiteRiddyn Ravings (The Mad Woman's Poem) by Jean “Binta” BreezeAnne SextonDr. Maya AngelouThe Tyger by William BlakeFire and Ice by Robert FrostGwendolyn BrooksJune JordanAudre LordeToni MorrisonOgden NashDorothy ParkerTales From Ovid by Ted HughesInferno from Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri