Why Young Men Are Double F**cked | PsycHacks' Orion Taraban

Why Young Men Are Double F**cked | PsycHacks' Orion Taraban


About this episode

In this episode, I had Dr. Orion Taraban – a Psychologist, Men's Mental Health Specialist, and PsychHacks Podcast Host with 5M YouTube views per month. We discussed the challenges and dynamics of modern relationships. Among these are how online dating can decrease the likelihood of forming a relationship, the idea of being “monogamish,” and how marriages often fail because of unrealistic expectations.


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    (00:00) - Introduction and Background
    (01:22) - The Decline in Relationships and the Impact of Online Dating
    (14:23) - Questioning the Concept of Monogamy and Introducing Monogamish
    (29:47) - Different Desires and Needs in Relationships: Women Seeking Commitment, Men Seeking Access
    (37:22) - Understanding the 'Red Pill' and Effective Relationship Strategies
    (38:29) - Why Successful Women Date Mediocre Men
    (43:52) - The Reasons Behind Failed Marriages
    (50:39) - Exploring Relationships through Behavioral Economics
    (55:11) - The Art of Subtle Negotiation in Relationships
    (01:12:17) - The Role of Transactions in Relationships
    (01:15:34) - The Power of Instagram in Dating
    (01:18:27) - The Business Model of Orion Teraban
    (01:21:00) - The Vision for the Business
    (01:40:28) - The Definition of Love


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