The Writing Secrets That Create Billionaires | David Perell

The Writing Secrets That Create Billionaires | David Perell


About this episode

In this episode, I had David Perell – a writing teacher, Founder of “Write of Passage” school, and the host of ”How I Write” podcast. David shares his passion for teaching writing, the concept of American Idolatry, his own path to faith, how he came to believe in Jesus as the most influential figure in Western civilization, and the importance of reading and writing in personal growth and communication.


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    (00:00) Introduction and David’s Background
    (09:38) Building an Audience through Unique Ideas and Intellectual Assets
    (31:16) The Influence of Faith on Philosophy and Work
    (44:02) The Pitfalls of American Idolatry
    (53:18) The Importance of Asking Big Questions
    (01:00:56) The Impact of Jesus on Western Civilization
    (01:08:06) The Power of Writing and Communication
    (01:19:18) The Importance of Reading and Writing


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