'Living Your Best Life in Afrika' Podcast.

'Living Your Best Life in Afrika' Podcast.

Dr Asher Sefanit-Wudasee

About this podcast

How do I get out of the rat race? How can I buy myself out of my job, so I can long-stay or live in Afrika or the Caribbean? Where am I going to get the money to free myself, but still maintain my current financial responsibilities? How can I leave my family ties behind and move? These are some of the big questions that leading life-coach, Malawi resident and frequent traveller around Afrika, Dr Asher Sefanit-Wudasee will dig into in the Living Your Best Life in Afrika Podcast. The 'Living Your Best Life In Afrika' podcast is an Afrika life-coaching podcast that focuses you on how to create the life-changing circumstances you need, to be able to live your best life in Afrika - or any other hot country you dream about! Dr Asher's speciality is to visualise the pitfalls for you by identifying positive routes and avoidable mistakes to make your path easier. Through the podcast, you will be able to implement strategies to help you refine and plan that perfect dream so it's realistic and emotionally and financially achievable! It's no good raising expectations about how wonderful our lives can be if we live our best life in Afrika - without showing you how to get out of the emotional and financial handcuffs that keep you tied to lives you no longer desire.'Living Your Best Life in Afrika' is a metaphor for living your best life in Afrika or any other hot country, Afrikan descent people desire to live.




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