Season 5 Ep. 3 The Practice of Smiling - A Guided Meditation to Powerful Influence

Season 5 Ep. 3 The Practice of Smiling - A Guided Meditation to Powerful Influence

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About this episode

How many times have you walked into a room with a beaming smile and gotten exactly what you wanted from everyone? A true smile is one of the most reliable forms of communication, and the effect it has on others is powerful. In this episode, we examine the benefits of smiling and we do a quick mindfulness practice of smiling even if you are having a tough day.

Remember to listen to this episode at least 5 times and feel that beaming smile, help you win the day! Are you still smiling? Ready to take on your day? It’s a great ice breaker. Let me know how it goes, by writing to me at

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Hi, I’m Shivraj Parshad, a Communication and Executive Coach, Trainer, Podcaster & Presenter. And more recently a practitioner of mindfulness which I am finding has a huge impact on how we communicate with ourselves and others.

In this fresh season I give you more by way of life skills as we look beyond the pandemic to new beginnings. I will be joined by a whole host of new guests, from the training, coaching, mentoring and leadership space, who like me strive to create new personal development tools and mechanisms to inspire you to live your best lives. 

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