"Life of the Party” Podcast w/ Emcee Ricky

"Life of the Party” Podcast w/ Emcee Ricky

Ricky Cabral

About this podcast

I’ve been fortunate enough to rock events across many venues in the beautiful Land of the Rising Sun. In saying that, you bet I’ve had some unique and interesting experiences while meeting and collaborating with some talented people. It’s been fun and exhilarating thus far, so why not share some of the happenings from my perspective in my very first podcast entitled “Life of the Party” w/ Emcee Ricky. While the podcast will cover my time spent as a top Emcee, to include future topics of discussion, I’ll also engage other subjects pertaining to sports and entertainment, so it won’t be limited to just the night scene in Japan, once again from my own perspective. While a respective many may see myself as an actual life of the party, to me, life in itself can be viewed as one absolute party, thus the reasoning for the title; understanding that the definition of a party varies from person to person depending on how you live it. Thank you in advance for tuning in. おはよう☀



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