Lets Move On

Lets Move On

Rochelle Rosenberg
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Its not always Easy with Life Everyday. We have to make decisions and We always have to deal with certain things, people and circumstances. I want to share you How I manage it. Let us move on to This Life... On This Life Radio



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17 September 2020

Forgiveness is freedoom A RAPE SURVIVORS STORY

Rochelle Rosenberg
FORGIVENESS IS FREEDOM An inspiring story from an ordinary woman who took the courage to forgive her Se xual Trespassers which gave her enormous life freedom. Her name is Rochelle Rosenberg. Born in Benguet Philippines. From a family of four children, she is the eldest. Her story was untold and only she had begun to speak about it when she was forced by circumstances to not give up. Her breaking point came and she can't contain the memories that tortured her everyday. Due to a remarkable life in sweden, it had triggered her PTSD which led to an amazing change that you are hearing in this video. FORGIVENESS IS FREEDOM Thank you so much for your time in watching one of my biggest inspiring stories. I hope that we all can strengthen the family ties and that we would encourage more women to stand up for a change. NO MORE VICTIM FEELING and NO MORE VICTIM SHAME! Let's turn our stories into an inspiration and change for the world! I would appreciate if you share what kind of impact did this story gave you. God bless and again! THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH! You all are awesome! lovelots Rochelle Movie Produced by: Copyright © 2020 SUNDAY DOLPH CHRISTOPHER AIMUAMWOSA