"Let's Just Talk" Jazzy, Tripp, KB

"Let's Just Talk" Jazzy, Tripp, KB

Jasmine Johnson

About this podcast

Sometimes you just need a safe space to talk, with those who will truly listen.

Certain conversations are not always easy, but in the end they can be worth it! Communication is a factor so many of us lack!

"Let's Just Talk" is for those willing to be transparent in a variety of scenarios, and real life situations ranging from relationships, love, goals, battle of the sexes, single parenting, co-parenting, and so much more. Nothing is off limits!

If you need a good laugh, or a moment to stand in similar truths, this is the place made just for you.

This show will interview a panel of interesting guests that will share their experiences, and discuss openly their thoughts on topics that we will be bringing to the table of discussion



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