Apostle Kofi Annan

Apostle Kofi Annan


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Powered by DESTINY BROADCASTING NETWORK https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu4I... DESTINY ZAMAR LIVE WORSHIP MAYE NHYIRA (I'M BLESSED) MON. & WED @7PM #DACITV @DESTINY MULTIMEDIA @destinych333 @APOSTLE DR. JUSTICE KOFI ANNAN Sunday  believers walk of faith 9am - gospel radio UK, hot digital radio

 2 services- English 9:30 am and twi 12pm, hackney 3pm

 prayer line at 9pm – 10pm Monday  Maye Nhyira (I am blessed) on Facebook and YouTube (Apostle Dr Justice Kofi Annan)

 prayer line 11pm – 12PM Tuesday  believers walk of faith - 11am -12pm on gospel radio UK, or hot digital radio  zoom bible studies 7pm  12am - midnight cry prayers Wednesday

 Maye Nyhira 7pm on Facebook and YouTube (Apostle Dr. Justice Kofi Annan)

 Prayer Line – 11pm – 12am Thursday  Destiny changing prayers – 11am

 Midnight cry prayers 12am Friday  Believers walk of faith – 11am – Gospel radio UK, hot digital radio

 Taking the battle to the enemies gate – 7pm

 Prayer line – 11pm – 12am 

 We have half night on Fridays every two weeks on the prayer line Saturday – bible studies 5am Other Programs

Destiny Covenant partners - Raising a 100 covenant partners – You can call Apostle or Whatsapp him on 07354001031

Destiny Pilgrimage Tours - Every year, there is an opportunity to travel to the holy Land – Israel - 07985378303 Destiny School of Ministry - study to show yourself approved – 2 timothy 2:15 - 02085550784 , 07985378303



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