John Denver, Newcastle Concert, Australia 1994

John Denver, Newcastle Concert, Australia 1994

New Hope Media / John Denver

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New Hope Media“the Author’s text”: This was the final concert that John Denver performed in Australia. It was recorded for release on 12" Video disc with the B side being a Karaoke version minus John's vocals. I mixed this concert, which was recorded on 3 x Sony PCM-800 Digital Audio Recorders linked together as a 24 track, in the audio facilities at ABC TV, Gore Hill, Sydney, Australia on 23rd December 1994. John came in to the studio a week earlier and recorded two short overdubs, one vocal and one guitar as replacement tracks for two songs but the rest of the sound is mixed from the 24 track as recorded on the night."New Hope Media" (YouTube): I'm posting this as an example of my work as an audio engineer and I'm credited as 'Post Production Engineer'.




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