MESSIER | #133

MESSIER | #133


About this episode

Messier, The Only Artist born in Venezuela recognized in The Progressive / Melodic Field, US-American Based. began his journey as a musician at the early age of 12 by having a unique Musical Skill, capable of transform any sounds in Melody and be able do develop a Big Amount Of Powerful Sounds in His Productions.

In 2010 he became interested in the most elegant Progressive Sounds & electronic dance music. Messier has been exploring new sounds and styles to develop his sounds and identify his style with the Progressive House and the Melodic Techno Trend.

Now his promising music career has finally has taken off. Coming back stronger and singing with very demanded and strong record labels that have been pushed his career to the next level such as: ICONYC / Natura Viva / Dear Deer / Area Verde / Univack / Among Others..

He has been dedicating many hours in his Studio and playing at different clubs and events across cities in the US, where he has been able to verify the effectiveness of his Unique Sounds & Productions by getting ready for the next move on his impacting career that clubbers can’t miss.

1. Purple Kaizer - ID [Iconyc Noir]
2. Emre K. - Wolves And Butterflies (Original Mix) Univack]
3. SAB - Green To Black (Original Mix) [Mistique Music]
4. OneRec - Light In The Darkness (Messier Remix) [Techno Tehran Records]
5. Felipe Novales - ID (ID Remix) [Univack]
6. Artfaq - Lexion (Ezequiel Arias Remix) [Sudbeat Music]
7. Pavel Kveev - The Giant (Original Mix) [Deep State]
8. Justo Perez, Jose Rodriguez - Green Volcano (Original Mix) [Pillar]
9. Nihil Young, Paige, Sarah De Warren - Cure Or Remedy (Extended Mix) [Zerothree]
10. High On Mars, Noidor, Isienna - Empty Dream [Area Verde]
11. Ziger, Nosh & SJ - Supervision [Eat My Hat Music]
12. Messier - ID [Aletheia Recordings]
13. Tomi Wahl - ID (Messier Remix) [Rezongar Music]