Pink Fizz with Heather Rose

Pink Fizz with Heather Rose

Kath Lord-Green/Heather Rose

About this episode

In this episode of "It's Your Business," host KLG welcomes Heather Rose, the founder of Pink Fizz Social. 
Heather, a social media coach and Facebook expert, shares her inspiring journey of entrepreneurship and resilience. She discusses how her passion for social media and her own experiences led her to create Pink Fizz Social, a business aimed at simplifying social media for others.

Heather emphasizes the importance of relatability, honesty, and consistency in building trust and engagement on social media. Through Pink Fizz Social, she has successfully grown a community of over 30,000 followers organically, focusing on empowering others to leverage social media effectively.

The conversation also delves into Heather's diverse entrepreneurial endeavors, including her work with Mindset and Me, a venture dedicated to supporting families dealing with autism and ADHD. 

Additionally, Heather discusses the inception of Social Impact Live, an event designed to bring together individuals seeking to enhance their social media presence and network with like-minded professionals.

Looking ahead to Social Impact Live 2, scheduled for October 11th, 2024, Heather previews the lineup of speakers and workshops aimed at providing actionable strategies for social media success, including storytelling, podcasting, TikTok, reels, mindset, and Facebook.

Heather's story serves as a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and community in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieving success in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.
Find Heather on her Facebook page below or anywhere via Heather Rose or Pink Fizz Social.

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