Is Your Business Protected?  With Naomi Smith - Saltire Financial Ltd

Is Your Business Protected? With Naomi Smith - Saltire Financial Ltd

Kath Lord-Green/Naomi Smith

About this episode

In this episode of "It's Your Business," host KLG sits down with Naomi Smith, founder of Saltire Financial Limited, a business specialising in business protection. 

Despite being just over a year old, Naomi's business is making waves in the industry. 

Naomi shares her journey from working in telesales for a publishing company to becoming a passionate advocate for business protection. 

Inspired by personal experiences and a desire to prevent others from facing similar challenges, Naomi offers invaluable insights into the importance of protection policies in safeguarding both personal and business assets.

 Throughout the interview, Naomi emphasises the power of networking and shares her strategies for successful networking, highlighting the significance of building genuine relationships. 
As Naomi expands her business to include coaching other advisors, she remains dedicated to making the insurance protection world stronger and more accessible for everyone. With a focus on authenticity and empowerment, Naomi's story is a testament to the transformative impact of passion and purpose in business.
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