From Supporting Boobs to Supporting Business - Nikki Hesford

From Supporting Boobs to Supporting Business - Nikki Hesford

Kath Lord-Green

About this episode

Nikki Hesford is the dynamic force behind the Small Business Academy. 

Nikki's journey is nothing short of extraordinary, transitioning from supporting ladies with big boobs to creating a thriving hub - supporting business!

In this episode, Nikki shares the origins of the Small Business Academy, detailing how it provides crucial support to start-ups and growing businesses through mentoring, coaching, marketing, and training. 
From government programs to a diverse range of services, Nikki's academy is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs at every stage.

But Nikki's entrepreneurial journey didn't begin with business support. 
She started with shirts, specifically catering to the needs of women with larger busts. The story unfolds as Nikki reflects on her entry into the clothing, lingerie and swimwear industry, the challenges of running an e-commerce business, and her daring appearance on Dragon's Den.

This episode delves into Nikki's decision to exit the e-commerce  business, exploring the personal challenges she faced and the evolution of her priorities after a profound personal loss. Nikki candidly shares her experience, shedding light on the complexities of managing a product-based business and the emotional toll it can take.

The conversation takes an inspiring turn as Nikki discusses her resilience and the unexpected twists that led her to the world of business support. From freelancing to the bold decision to lease a building, Nikki's journey reflects her unwavering determination and self-belief.

The episode also touches on Nikki's recent achievements, including winning the Small Business Award at the BIBAs. 

As Nikki looks ahead, she shares her ambitious plans for the Small Business Academy, hinting at the expansion of online courses and a potential franchise model.

Join KLG and Nikki Hesford in this engaging episode as they discuss entrepreneurship, resilience, and the limitless potential within every woman in business. 
Get ready to be inspired and motivated by Nikki's incredible journey in this episode of "It's Your Business".

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