Uche Enechukwu in conversation with Benneth Njoku.mp3

Uche Enechukwu in conversation with Benneth Njoku.mp3

ICRadio Iwaya

About this episode

Our next broadcast is on Data Protection. A lot of people are archiving everything about them on social media and they do not know what becomes of the archive or how it’s being used by a third party without permission. Also quite a large number of internet users do not know the conversation around agency on individual data online and how to protect their data as well.

This afternoon, Mr Benneth Njoku will be talking to us live on the importance of data protection and way around it just so that you are not signing up for something you know nothing about.

Short Bio of our guest:

Benneth Njoku is the lead consultant for Startegia Media Nigeria, an idea management firm that offers services in content development and digital solutions. Benneth specialises in marketing, content creation, responsive web design, and development. He has over 10 years of experience working in the industry and is passionate about helping businesses achieve their marketing goals.