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Ubiquitous Serendipity Serendipitous Ubiquity (USSU), is a philosophy dreamt/designed by Eric Kleinberg and Curt Eric Clendenin throughout the past 25 years, tying together wordplay, alternate language meanings, connections between humans/math/symbols/Youniverse/etc, phonetics, ancient wisdom, palindromes, and other layered details. This episode dives through some of that labyrinth of surprises and most likely epiphanies you've experienced already and this is simply a confirmation of your intuitions! Plus, Henry D Horse gives us a new Fun Fact, and the "Facepalm Theme Song" is woven through. Also, these wonderful folks stop by to say hello: Atlas Dragon from the Varelse Bridge Society,  Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, Tumultuous from Avoiding Entropy Podcast, Rob Broski the Abraham Lincoln Woodsman from Twin Peaks....and also a special secret guest! If you have interesting stories you'd like hear on future episodes, please share them on the Hotline Voicemail at: 561-203-9179! Did you know my unique self-published artbooks are now available (including: activity book "Wonder Wander", writing journal "Magical Magnet, "CEC Sketchbook Vol 1", CEC Sketchbook Vol 2", and the surreal coffee table book "Sleepwalking Through An Obstacle Course")? If you're an enthusiast of such shenanigans, please allow your creativity to go adventuring by clicking HERE and taking a gander! ---These are the lyrics to "The Official Facepalm Theme Song", in case you're inspired to sing along: "It's a facepalm, a facepalm. a balm of calm like a neigh-palmbomb . It's a facepalm, a facepalm, crumbily malm of loamy alms.... and how soon do you think you''ll dodododododo it again? It's a facepalm, a facepalm, Caricom AAOMs playing Brahms on Prom... and how soon do you think you'll doodoodododo it again? Have the haulms from Guam qualmed the cablecomms? Are the grom rhomb diatoms glomming their Moms? It's a facepalm, a facepalm, the book of Psalms in RAMs & ROMs.... and how soon do you think you'll doodododo it again? and how soon do you think you'll doodododo it again?" ---


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