WOW I Love Latka MOM

WOW I Love Latka MOM

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Happy Feb 222222, a special portal palindrome for manifesting your personal reality experience! This episode is powerpacked to the gills with synchronicities involving Andy Kaufman skits all correlating to Feb 20, relations to Kurt Cobain Day in honour of his Birthday, Krist Novoselic the bassist from NIRVANA who resembles Andy Kaufman, the fact Kaufman faked his death on the same day (May 16) Krist was born on, combined with serendipitious skywriting that happened all within the span of 20 minutes!! Plus, conversations with Marc ("Cosmic Flute") & Tara ("TaraofTerra") about their personal Extraterrestrial experiences, somehow accidentally getting trapped in a cemetary at night, funfacts from Henry D. Horse, an excerpt from The Monkees' experimental film "HEAD", the "Facepalm Theme Song" by Curt Eric Clendenin, a fun pome by actress Ellie Patrikios ("Black Pumpkin"), a 224 word palindrome by Demetri Martin and MORE! Also, a real life Superhero, a representative from Crystore Inc, Stew Strauss a Woodsman from Twin Peaks, and comedian Craig Spivek...all say hello!! Also, if you're interested in seeing some footage from when I used to go live from radio station 1630am KCHUNG Chinatown Los Angeles and broadcast it simultaneously on Periscope! Also, if you'd like to contribute to the show, please call the voicemail 561-203-9179 and leave your strange story, so we can play it in an episode! Also, if you like activity books, please check out these new ones I've been working on, as CEC.


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