Lisa Bowman - Multidimensional Explorer

Lisa Bowman - Multidimensional Explorer

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Lisa Bowman explains her riveting story leading up to the thrilling visitations she began experiencing after such trauma. Medicine Woman, clairvoyant, artist, gardener, friend to wild animals and Extraterrestrials....she's a multi-dimensional explorer of all kinds of high vibrating curiousities! She and I each experienced Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions from our friend, Rob DreamSurfersQHHT who is also mentioned in this episode! We also mention her Stellar Jay Boutique shop HERE, which is filled with all kinds of unique goodies! Plus, Henry D. Horse gives us a new FunFact! Also, Richard Wilson from Mad Shelley Productions, singer songwriter Blythe Baines, and Man Behind The Machine say hello! If you'd like to send your stories to be played on an episode, please call the hotline and leave them on the voicemail! 561-203-9179 ! 


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