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The InnovaBuzz Podcast explores the minds of innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives. You’ll learn about values, strategies, tactics and mindset from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. 

Join internationally recognised transformational marketing strategist, speaker and podcaster, Dr Jürgen Strauss, The World's Best Human-Centred Podcasting Coach , as he chats with awesome guests who are committed to innovation, service and modern marketing. 
Each episode is a conversation with inspiring people who make wonderful contributions to our knowledge in these areas and spark curiosity and ideas to pursue.

Gain insight into what makes them ‘tick’, what ‘lights them up’, why they do what they do and what inspiration and value they add to their world. 
The Innova.Buzz Podcast is designed for smart businesses that want to stay on top of innovation in order to compete in today's market place! 

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Past guests have included Michael E Gerber, Kevin Kelly, Marcus Sheridan, Gill Hicks, Tanya Alvarez, Anastasia Lipske, Gino Wickman, Jeffrey Madoff, Gabrielle Dolan, Mark Schaeffer, Steve Blank, Joey Coleman, Mike Michaelowitz, Ann Janzer, Michele Wucker, Soulaima Gourani, Robin Colucci, Sheryl Plouffe, Kedma Ough, Cathryn Lloyd, Wade Galt, Ramon Ray, Michelle Mazur, David Goldsmith, Todd Cherches, Rita McGrath, Terri Trespicio, Liz Wiseman and so many more wonderful people - over 600 to date!



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