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This podcast is comprised of live DJ mixes for the love of EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop, Futurepop, Goth and the whole spectrum in between. With the intent of entertaining by promoting amazing, dark, alternative music by as many of the most brilliant artists as possible. Free and without commercials. All I ask in return is that those who enjoy this work the most: 1: Buy your music! Support the artists in all that they do as much as possible. 2: Consider joining the IDJ Patreon, which is basically a charity to help with my medical bills which are outrageous because I've got terminal liver failure. It should have killed me a few times already and I've still managed to avoid being forced into emergency transplantation (for now) but I don't really know how I'm ever going to recover financially. 3: Be part of the community, use your voice, it will be heard. Let me know how I'm doing, what you'd like to hear, provide feedback, ask questions, anything.




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19 September 2020

IDJ065 System of Systems

Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? An unusual Combichrist starter that I’ve mangled all to hell. VNV Nation, APB, Dismantled... Even Neuroticfish, X-RX and... Juno Reactor? Can you listen without standing up, opening your window, sticking your head out and yelling?! “I’m a human being goddamnit! My life has value!” Whether you do any yelling or not; I just want you to turn the volume up loud and enjoy the tunes; and be kind to each other.
12 August 2020

IDJ062 Found in the Dark

This set comes from a small part the long list of artists who’s work is consistently very creative and incredibly catchy. PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF, Pig, Vexillary, XMTP, Cellmod, Dismantled and NeuroWulf in particular, with Vexillary being only recently discovered by me. Very cool stuff. This set was played, came out very pleasant IMO, and ... I had to go back and do it again so I could record and post it. Somehow I never get things nailed as well on a do-over - but I thought this was still a keeper. Hopefully you will to.
02 August 2020

IDJ061 Wandering the Cold

Recorded this one yesterday. I was sort of taking it easy & played some tunes. Almost kind of a ‘chill’ set, sorta creatively mixed but subtly so. Being that I was just taking it easy this one did record a little quieter than I had expected. But if I re-record it won’t come out the same and I don’t want to edit it to try and make it louder at the probable risk of sound quality. This one’s fun. Wack it in or get it on your playlist, might make for a good mood setting on Sunday. (PSA: Always re-cal your gain structure before every set & stick with your gut)
29 July 2020

IDJ060 Surprise Bonus Set

This was spontaneous and turned out to be good timing as today was the 22nd anniversary of the release of Fear Factory’s “Obsolete” back in 1998. It sort of feels like it was a landmark in the evolution of music into the coming years. There’s finally a track from the new Static-X “Project: Regeneration Vol. 1” and new tunes from Stykfaktor, Thrillsville, OST+Front, plus Provision and some other great tunes to bring it all together. Which isn’t to say this isn’t an eccentric and odd set. But it was fun and I hope you’ll enjoy it!
13 July 2020

IDJ057 When the Mood Strikes mk. I

I walked into the office today thinking I wouldn't be up for another set yet. Then I just kinda had that itch. So I turned on the DAC, hit record, played some tunes. I just played what I felt as I went along. At a few points there was a rush to find that next track, but I think it came out pretty well. What do you think? If you do like it, consider telling a friend and/or checking this out: Have a great week!