Industrial DJ™

Industrial DJ™


About this podcast

This podcast is comprised of live DJ mixes for the love of EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop, Futurepop, Goth and the whole spectrum in between. With the intent of entertaining by promoting amazing, dark, alternative music by as many of the most brilliant artists as possible. Free and without commercials. All I ask in return is that those who enjoy this work the most:

1: Buy your music! Support the artists in all that they do as much as possible.

2: Consider joining the IDJ Patreon, which is basically a charity to help with my medical bills which are outrageous because I've got terminal liver failure. It should have killed me a few times already and I've still managed to avoid being forced into emergency transplantation (for now) but I don't really know how I'm ever going to recover financially.

3: Be part of the community, use your voice, it will be heard. Let me know how I'm doing, what you'd like to hear, provide feedback, ask questions, anything.




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