The power of one requested prayer | part 2

The power of one requested prayer | part 2

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The power of one request in prayer 

You need to have a prayer list; we are not trying to downplay the importance of a prayer list. But every one of us has got one thing we need urgently and are after.

This kind of prayer points out to God those who are serious and passionate from those who are not. When you stay at it continually, staying in God's face and crying out to Him; without pulling back or turning around no matter how bad it looks or how long you have to keep at it, praising and thanking God you are going to get your request. As your prayers penetrate the spiritual realm, they arrest God's attention and your request gets granted because He heard you. Nobody can stop your answer from coming; God will move heaven and earth if He has to to get it to you.

God wants you to get to the point where you say, "now I know how to get it." May you get to the point where you can get what belongs to you. It is your season, God is answering your prayers, and He is already networking for your breakthrough. 

When you walk upright before the Lord you will see things happen in your life that other people only dream of.


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