The power of one requested prayer | Part 1

The power of one requested prayer | Part 1

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James 5:17-18 

The things you want to happen in your life can happen but you have to understand that you have to do something extra to make them happen.

Prayer is a part of worship

    Worship - It is part of the makeup of prayer. Prayer is part of worship
    Supplication - stay on it until you get the breakthrough
    Petition - pleading your case before God

Your persistence in prayer gets you what you want.

Steps to getting a breakthrough in prayer:

    1.   Target prayers (Intent and intentional prayers)

Systematic prayer repeated regularly

Backed up by the word of God which validates your prayer

Give thanks always for what you prayed for and God will take note of your consistency and persistence

   2.  Determination

We need to be wise enough to realize that there are certain things that we need to deal with.

Devote and dedicate your purpose, time, and intention to one thing.

Be passionate, and stay on course with the same request.

   3.  Quality of depth and firmness in prayer

Great power is generated when you have a one-line prayer request.

When you stay at it, you break through from the flesh into the spirit realm and can pull those answers into your life.

Your faith is so powerful it can turn anything around in your life.

We perish for lack of knowledge. The devil deals with our ignorance. You have to deal with yourself and with your elements, don't let the enemy trick you.

God wants to grant you your request, it is your season, and you are long overdue. When are you going to get up? It is time for your breakthrough! You should have been out of there a long time ago. God is ready to enlarge your territory, to enlarge your courts. He is ready to give you the power and the anointing to do what He has called you to do. When are you going to get personal? Christ was personal; He was going to get nailed to the cross. Elijah got personal; evil was going to take over and they were all going to suffer.

You have to get personal; stay at it and be firm about it. Set aside a time that God is going to hear from you every day. Other than that the enemy will break in and slaughter you, destroy you and cause you to have nothing. You have to have a serious prayer life that is after the answer and not just going before God and throwing prayers around. You can not play the religious mode of prayer, you have to know what you are after and stay at it until you get it.



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