Take the limits off | The faith life series | Part 3

Take the limits off | The faith life series | Part 3

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Take the limits off from God

Revelation is higher than knowledge and wisdom. It is God breathing into your spirit, revealing truths and mysteries that you need to know. If you are not walking in faith you are in sin (Romans 14:23). A lot of us live by information; every knowledge we acquire through the senses. What we can see, hear, touch, feel or read; which may not necessarily be the truth. The devil bombards people with lies and half-truths; and they begin to doubt what is true. 

The devil wants you to sin by making you depend on what you see and hear. You become constantly worried, fearful, and anxious about things that will not happen. When the devil succeeds in making you afraid then he gets access to attack and destroy you. More than half of the things you are fearfull of will never happen. When you overcome fear 90% of the battle is won.

The opposite of faith is not doubting but fear. Fear comes out of information. People have ways of defining us. It is dangerous for us to live under the limitation of people's definitions of us.

Faith is received through hearing(Romans 10:17). The expression of your faith is what you speak. The demonstration of faith is obedience. Until there is obedience, the bible says your faith is dead. It is not about the length of time spent in prayer but the instruction you obey after praying. The essence of prayer is that we may hear God speak. What God speaks creates faith and causes things to happen. God already gave you the solution, until you obey the instruction God has given you, you will stay at the same level.

As human beings, we are prone to forgetting. We forget how God brought us through, how He healed us of those sicknesses, how He opened those doors, how He lifted us, and how He has been providing for us. We forget easily not just the bad things but also the good ones(Psalms 78:17). A lot of the limits we have resulted from what we have heard; we have been told it is incurable, it is impossible, there is no medicine for it, even the doctors have failed. We have so much information. Part of the biggest problem we have is what we know.

 We have limited God to be our savior and to certain areas of our lives but there is a segment of your life you have not given Him access to. The Bible says whoever comes to God must believe that He is. He is the I AM THAT I AM. Whatever you want Him to be He will be that; He is El- Shaddai the many-breasted God.

It is not my inability to meet your need that will stop you from seeing a miracle, it is the limitation you put on me that will stop you from seeing the miracle. Every time you limit God you are provoking Him. If you believe He can do it He will do it for you. Don't just take the limit off; throw it.


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