Pursuit of God's Presence 5 | The God who answers by fire 2

Pursuit of God's Presence 5 | The God who answers by fire 2

Impact Church Kenya

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1 Kings 17

We are in a battle, a spiritual war. The devil is fighting for the souls of men and not buildings or possessions. He uses demons and men who worship him or have given themselves to worship other gods. 

We Christians are not supposed to live on the offensive. Unless there is darkness there can be no light. The light shines brightest in darkness. If we are the light why should we be afraid of the dark? God will send us where there is darkness so that His light will shine because greater is He who is in us than the devil in the world. When we walk in a place we take over and do not plead with the devil, because we serve a superior altar.

Understand your spiritual authority. Everywhere you go know that the power that backs you is greater than the devil or any other force you will ever face. The contention and the fight have not ended; God is looking for Elijahs who can stand and go to mount Carmel and begin to contend. 

God is raising a remnant church which is tired of the mixture and going with the wave; and demonstrate to the world that God can still do miracles, heal sicknesses and deliver people from demonic bondage. These people will not only demonstrate in church but will invade mount Carmel.


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