Movement and Music with Meklit Hadero: A Genre-Bending Journey

Movement and Music with Meklit Hadero: A Genre-Bending Journey


About this episode

My guest today is Meklit Hadero, the Ethiopian-born, San Francisco-based artist. She is best known for her innovative Ethio-Jazz vocals and electric performance style. Even if you were to listen for a few minutes, you’d notice a genre-bending nature to her songs. Her songs weave together jazz, folk, Eastern African influences, and what Meklit calls everyday sounds. 
She has performed worldwide, from San Francisco to Cairo to London to Montreal. Her latest, released in 2017, “When the People Move, the Music Moves Too,” was named among the best records of the year by Bandcamp and the Sunday Times UK. 
She is a National Geographic Explorer, a TED Senior Fellow, and a 2019 Artist-in-Residence at Harvard University. Meklit is the co-founder, co-producer, and host of Movement, a new radio series telling stories of global migration through music.
In our conversation, she shares how she looks to music to express longing, pain, hope, and other facets of the diaspora. Her words reminded me of the importance of heritage and how traditional music from our homelands can be integrated into present movement and music. 

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Order of Meklit's Tracks during the episode
Meklit - Yesterday Is A Tizita
Meklit - Sweet and Salty
Meklit - This Was Made Here
Oddisee - Try Again
Dengue Fever - Ethanopium 
Xenia Rubinos - Hair Receding
Meklit - Float and Fall

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