Indigenous Water Ethics Symposium

Indigenous Water Ethics Symposium

Govinda Dalton / Banchi Hanuse

About this podcast

The Indigenous Environmental Network in conjunction with various Indigenous Tribes / Nations, and Indigenous organizations meet on Gila River Lands to develop a comprehensive foundation of Indigenous Ethics and the Frame Work of decision making around Water...... Local, Tribal, State, Federal , Global

Organizing Committee:

Mona Polacca, Coordinator, Indigenous Environmental Network Water Ethics Initiative, Co-Secretariat, Indigenous World Forum on Water

Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network

Darlene Sanderson, Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Co-Secretariat, Indigenous World frorum on Water & Peace

Austin Nunez, Chairman , San Xavier District Tohono O'odham Nation, Tucson , AZ

David Groenfeldt, Director, Water-Culture Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Music by Alyra Rose and Mirror Pool name of track "Lion"





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