Area 51: A Look Back for Rick Davidson | BONUS

Area 51: A Look Back for Rick Davidson | BONUS

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Hey there, Hysteria Nation! This is Kevin Crispin, frequent guest, certified over-thinker, and friend of the show. Robots need not apply - well, except for Kyle, he's the real MVP. Before we dive in, we want to extend our deepest condolences to Brent and Producer Lisa as they grieve the loss of Brent's father-in-law and Lisa’s dad, Rick, who sadly passed away this past week.

In loving memory of Rick and to honor the unique connection he shared with Brent, we're revisiting one of Rick’s all-time favorite episodes – we're traveling way back to Episode 51, which unravels the enigmatic world of Area 51. This topic held a special place in the hearts of both Brent and his father-in-law, sparking endless captivating conversations between them and inspiring the show’s name.

So, let's journey down memory lane together and explore the mysteries of Area 51. And if you're new to the podcast, this is the perfect opportunity to see what all the excitement is about.

Brent and David will be back next week with a brand-new episode, but for now, please join us in celebrating the life of a cherished family member and the extraordinary bond he shared with our friends, Brent and Lisa Hand.

Original Description

In this very special episode of Hysteria 51 we take an introspective look back at the show over the years and the socioeconomic…hahahahah…I can’t. Nope, for our 51st episode we talk our (sorta) namesake – Area 51. What’s there? What isn’t? Do the aliens only communicate with Data from Star Trek? Plus, C-Bot compares the show to Rouge One (he just likes the robot), can a patty melt be classified as a cheeseburger (a debate ensues), and are Lego sets really Area 51 starter kits (was there ever a doubt)? All of that and more on the podcast that can’t quite believe we’ve actually made it to 51 episodes – Hysteria 51.

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